Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Alt/Neu at the Portland Saturday Market

I offer many relief carved/fine art pieces. Price ranges from $25/$325
PDX bike culture characters/really fun pieces at $25/$30
PDX iconic blocks/smaller more affordable work at $25

"Alt/Neu" is the name of my business at the Portland Saturday Market. I'm selling my work out of a booth among many other great vendors on Saturday and Sunday through the Month of December. "Alt/Neu" is a concept, it's means "Old/New" in the German language. It represents old craft and new art. I like to create newer ideas and storytelling while respecting the traditional use of hand tools carved into Linden Wood. (Lime Wood/Bass Wood)

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Kris Farris said...

I love that little viking! Reminds me of my little viking wooden figure that I still have with a red beard!