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Interactive Sculpture: I made a human armature...and added accessories.

I started with a head.

...And I made some limbs.  The arms and palms are made from Balsa.  The joints can animate, hinged together with tiny cedar dowels that I carved.  I cut the fingers from thick leather, then drilled tiny holes to imbed wire into the length of order for movement- naturally!

The accessories: paint brushes (upper right) are carved cedar with the hair of a house cat. :)  The carving tools are pounded wire with balsa handles.

This is a hand-bound leather journal with many pages to write on.  And the pencil...

...the pencil is carved from balsa and cedar wood, a little wire, and yes....that's a fully functional tip of lead to write with.

This is the size.

Hammer has a cedar handle, basswood top and painted with metallic-powder, mixed with Polyurethane gloss. 

The saw has a basswood handle and cedar "blade".  The tiny holes located on the top and bottom of the handle are itty bitty cedar dowels to secure the "blade" to the handle.

YES!!! Crows...

There's a relationship with wood and metal at the base.

The y-shaped piece of wood was given to me by my Dad.  He made it for his "pinecone sculptures" and I could never find anything to do with it, until now. The branches are from the gorgeous red madrone tree.

And here is the sculpture...

Leather vest and kilt. 
Quit pensive, with a hand-sewn leather hat.

Again, this pencil works!

4 crows sit atop the madrone.  This is a great conversational piece.  Please own it!
Stands approximately 2' 3".   PRICE:  $250

Newel Post for NW Condo

Sketching out the Art Deco design the client provided.

Lining up the corners of each side before starting any detail work.

After all 4 sides were prepared for the next step, the relief detail was stenciled onto each side.  After applying the design, I need to depth-map the route I will take.

First side is in relief, now just 3 more to go!

Second side.

Lining up the corners while carving the relief.

Finished!  My client had this installed at the top of his staircase.

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ALT/NEU is a concept

Please check out my new site

This is a new site I'm experimenting with. I will attempt to "blog" about my woodcarvings, providing images and text to the many techniques I use to create my art.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Alt/Neu at the Portland Saturday Market

I offer many relief carved/fine art pieces. Price ranges from $25/$325
PDX bike culture characters/really fun pieces at $25/$30
PDX iconic blocks/smaller more affordable work at $25

"Alt/Neu" is the name of my business at the Portland Saturday Market. I'm selling my work out of a booth among many other great vendors on Saturday and Sunday through the Month of December. "Alt/Neu" is a concept, it's means "Old/New" in the German language. It represents old craft and new art. I like to create newer ideas and storytelling while respecting the traditional use of hand tools carved into Linden Wood. (Lime Wood/Bass Wood)

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